The water industry urgently needs to transition to the post-digital era to build its capacity to meet the challenge of increasing demand, environmental changes and resulting water scarcity.

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Reduce water utilities’ NRW below 15% by 2030. UtilitY85 produces real-time data to execute capital projectsion for better planning and alignment of capacities on future trends.

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Phygitalizing water systems and turning data into actionable knowledge content to deflect and counter upcoming water crises.

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The UtilitY85 business service platform covers the entire production-distribution-commercialization continuum in the water sector. On every segment of the chain, it capacitates actors with a user-friendly solution allowing direct performance improvement and smoothing of value chain interactions and transactions.


UtilitY85 goes way beyond data. It grows a trust-based knowledge ecosystem transforming the profitability and sustainability of utility companies.
Our dedicate team thrives to help you (and the water sector at large) achieve service efficiency and quality for all.


Municipalities & Water Utility Companies.

UtilitY85 is a comprehensive phygital solution for your water management system, including a supervision cockpit for complete inventory mapping, and lean data analytics.

With a trained network of UtilitY85 ground agents, you will:

Sustain revenue streams for investments into infrastructure

Increase residual and financial value by tightening the entire water value chain with end-to-end management

Deploy pperations based on a sustainable business model (scalable to any new community or addressable market)

Extract maximum value from the early use of preventative data, for cost-effective utility maintenance

Secure transactions with UtilitY85’s native mobile payment functionalities

Create jobs for youth, as UtilitY85 ground agents, weaving the fabric of your sustained business

Regulatory Boards

Mainstreaming UtilitY85 in your operations, you will:

Become a more potent market driver and catalyst for technology penetration

Enable more localized decisions to better target investments in digital water distribution

Achieve strategic foresight from live, granular data and analytics to orient market growth

Control the efficiency of regulation with predictive analytics and reporting

Ensure the best social return on investment from customer engagements


The mWaterTM platform enables better asset management and service analysis. Impressive scaling has been achieved through balancing a focus on water service providers’ needs, with standardising reporting, implementing each component of the platform in a modular manner, and a public/private cost sharing business model for a financially sustainable service.

World Bank Bénin


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mWater™ aims to improve rural and small town water pipe system (WPS) performance in Benin, and ultimately across Africa through the provision of (i) financial, (ii) business, and (iii) assistance mobile 2 web added value services to WPS operators.

Bill and Melinda gates foundation

In 2014, ONAS, the city’s water utility launched a SMS-Based service enabling households to call a customer service centre when their latrines need emptying. The system was developed by Manobi…


Public-Private Partnerships
For Small Piped Water Scheme.

World Water Forum

Monitoring water
supply systems using mobile internet technologies in Senegal world water forum Istanbul
16-22 march 2009

New York Times

Competition Designed to Spread Basic Technologies


Phone apps have become an unlikely tool in the effort to improve access to toilets and fresh water around the world.

The World Bank

Unlocking the Potential of Information Communications Technology to Improve Water and Sanitation Services


About Us

UtilitY85 is built by MANOBI AFRICA, a pioneer in digital solutions for the agriculture, water and social development sectors in Africa. The company also invented the world’s first mobile phone based agricultural market information system used by smallholder farmers.

MANOBI-AFRICA is an integrative value chain orchestrator, catalyzing the transformation and securement of African agriculture through intelligent phygital ecosystems which honorably include smallholder farmers, and at the forefront of innovation in the development of efficient and sustainable water distribution services, improving utilities capacity to deliver quality water to millions of people.

This legacy translates into multiple other solutions including location-based inventory services, surveying, digital trading services based on dematerialized payments and (geo)-tracking of transactions, streaming real-time data and metrics to customers on web and mobile.

UtilitY85 builds on the highly successful mWaterTM, conveying the aim to cap non-revenue water to 15% thus optimally producing and distributing water to 85% globally.

Our Team

Daniel Annerose


Cédric Champenois


Nikki Hsian Lee

International Business & Project Development Manager

Jonathan Annerose

Lean Data Manager

Jacques Atohoun

Systems Manager

Amadou Sow

Software Engineer

Ahmed Ekoume

Call Center Engineer

Rodrigue Adechi

Project Manager Utility85

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